Welcome! The Daru lab studies why plant species are distributed the way they are, how they achieved these present-day distributions and how to set conservation priorities to safeguard their future. We do this through integrated approaches from the fields of biodiversity informatics (methods and tools development), herbarium collections, phylogenetics and genomics. We work in the field, herbarium, wet lab, and on high-performance computing clusters.

New paper in Nature Communications!

Daru, B.H., Willis, C.G., Meineke, E.K., Ronk, A., Zobel, M., Pärtel, M., Antonelli, A., Davies, T.J. & Davis, C.C. (2021) Widespread homogenization of plant communities in the Anthropocene. Nature Communications 12: 6983.

Barnabas was interviewed by Austin's NPR Radio Station (KUT 90.5) about the new paper in Nature Communications:

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