2021-23 NSF DBI, $778,797 (NSF DBI 2113424)
Lead PI: Dr. Barnabas Daru, $585,050
Co-PI: Dr. April Wright (Southeastern Louisiana University), $193,747
Collaborative Research: phyloregion, computational infrastructure for biogeographic regionalization and macroecology in the R computing environment

2022-24 Texas Parks and Wildlife, $384,301
Lead PI: Dr. Shawn McCracken
Co-PI: Dr. Barnabas Daru (co-PI)
A multi-taxa assessment of the Ingleside Sandsheet Pond habitat to inform and support conservation

2020-23 NSF DEB, $986,000 (NSF DEB 2031928)
Lead PIs: Drs. Betsy Arnold and Jana U’Ren (University of Arizona), $388,000
co-PI: Dr. Barnabas Daru, $143,676
co-PI: Dr. Ignazio Carbone (North Carolina State University), $133,000
co-PIs: Drs. Francois Lutzoni and Jolanta Miadlikowska (Duke University), $321,000
Collaborative Research: Leveraging historical collections and new surveys to characterize foundational shifts in vital symbioses in the threatened Arctic

2019-23 NSF DEB, $42,245 (subaward)
Subaward: Dr. Barnabas Daru, $42,245
Digitization TCN: Collaborative: American Crossroads: Digitizing the vascular flora of the south-central US

2016-18 Harvard University Herbaria Postdoctoral Fellowship, $135,000
Analysis of extinction risk, biotic interactions and spatial trends of phenological diversity using herbarium records

2015-16 South African NRF, R142,000 (~ $10,000) (NRF THUTHUKA 99258)
Lead PI: Dr. Barnabas Daru
Mangrove transcriptomics

2015-16 Genome Research Institute, University of Pretoria, $4500
Lead PI: Dr. Barnabas Daru
Mangrove transcriptomes

2014 South African National Research Foundation Doctoral Fellowship ($8200)

2014 South African National Research Foundation Travel Grant ($3000)

2003-07 Nigerian Petroleum Corporation Undergraduate Fellowship ($1912)