Gabriel Nakamura

image-title-here I was born in Brazil and obtained my master’s degree in Ecology and Conservation at Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, in which I investigated organization patterns of stream fish communities. I moved from central to the south region of Brazil to earn my Ph.D. in Ecology at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Under the supervision of Professor Leandro Duarte, I developed numerical methods to capture patterns related to the diversity of ecological assemblages. Instead of fishes as a study model, I began to investigate virtual species generated in an environment much different from stream landscapes. Currently, my “fieldwork” consisted mainly of going inside the landscapes of computer cores to investigate the effectiveness of numerical methods and diversity metrics to detect patterns and processes driving the assembly of ecological assemblages.

Selected Publications

2- Nakamura, G. Richter, A. & Soares, B.E. (2021) FishPhyloMaker: An R package to generate phylogenies for ray-finned fishes. Ecological Informatics 66: 101481.

1- Richter, A., Nakamura, G., Iserhard, C.A. & Duarte, L.D.S. (2021) The hidden side of diversity: effects of imperfect detection on multiple dimensions of biodiversity. Ecology and Evolution 11:12508-12519.