Brianna Rock

image-title-here I am originally from Kent, Ohio. Although I was born in a land-locked state, I have always harbored a strong passion for marine life. In 2019 I earned my BSc degree in Biology from the University of Charleston in West Virginia. There, I was a both a biology student and a collegiate athlete. I enrolled at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi to pursue a Master’s degree in Marine Biology. Ultimately, I would like to continue my studies to earn a PhD degree in a related field once I have completed my Master’s program. My broad research interests include investigating the behavioral ecology and physiological adaptations of marine organisms in response to anthropogenic influences. I am especially interested in understanding the ecological roles and distributions of marine organisms in order to promote their conservation through research.


Rock, B.M. & Daru, B.H. (2021) Impediments to understanding seagrasses’ response to global change. Frontiers in Marine Science 8: 608867.
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