Paul Markley

Graduate Student


I joined the Daru lab in the Spring of 2021. I left the University of California-Riverside as a Highlander with a B.S. in Plant Biology and am now in Stanford University working towards a PhD in Biology. I previously worked at the USDA Salinity Lab for Dr. Elia Scudiero researching soil spatial variability in citrus orchards, and now study the biogeography of arctic flora. Broadly speaking, my research interests lie in arctic floristics, ecosystem modeling, and molecular phylogeny.

Sandhu, D.S., Pudussery, M.V., Kumar, R, Pallete, A., Markley, P.T., Bridges, W.C., Sekhon, R.S. (2019). Characterization of natural genetic variation identifies multiple genes involved in salt tolerance in maize. Functional and Integrative Genomics 20: 261-275.